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While Markdown is a minimal markup language and is easily read and edited with a normal text editor, there are specially designed editors that preview the files with styles, which are available for all major platforms. Many general purpose text and code editors have syntax highlighting plugins for Markdown built into them or available as optional download. Editors may feature a side-by-side preview window or try to render the code directly in a WYSIWYG-like fashion.


Implementations of Markdown are available for over a dozen programming languages; in addition, many platforms and frameworks support Markdown.[30] For example, Markdown plugins exist for every major blogging platform. MarkAPL is a converter written in Dyalog APL. It supports fenced blocks, smart typography, link references, special attributes and can generate a table of contents.

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With all of the benefits that can come from a good asset pipeline, I was surprised to find that Jekyll does not ship with one. Fortunately, there are plenty of Jekyll plugins available that attempt to fill this gap. Unfortunately, most are hacks that only solve one or two problems. After about an hour of searching Google, it became clear that none of the existing options were going to meet my needs – and I think I have pretty reasonable needs.

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